Java/Enterprise JavaBeans/Servlets/JavaServer Pages

In this ever changing technology landscape, our clients depend on us for guidance to choose the right Java architecture to build highly robust and scalable Java applications. Our Java expertise and understanding has helped many customers sail through this fast changing business environment and its complexities. Our competency in core Java, clubbed with our development approach and technology expertise i n big data and c loud has made us a preferred development pa rtner for many organizations for their business uptake.

The Guava offers custom enterprise solutions with expertise in domains like healthcare, finance, logistics, education, supply chain management, ERP, CRM, travel, workforce scheduling and finance etc.

You can count us on for:

  •  Robust and scalable architectures
  •  Reliable and secure Java client applications
  •  Application security that starts right from the design phase

Our Java based services include:

  • Real-time distributed processing using Java based solution
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Business rules management (BRM) solution development
  • Business process management (BPM) solution development
  • Desktop development using Java based solution
  • NoSQL with Java
  • Algorithmic solutions
  • Application migration from RDBMS to NoSQL
  • IoT based solution using Java based stack

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