Serial No. Name Affiliation and Expertise Email
01 Philippe Crahay Livelihoods, Food, and Nutrition Security Expert
02 Shams Mustafa Equity Specialist
03 Muhammod Abdus Sabur Public Health Expert
04 Dhiman Khisa Facilitator, Survey/Field Research, Reporting Project Design , Preparation of Project Proposal and Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management, Organizational Capacity Development, Finance
05 Gabriel Tripura Project Management
06 Kirti Nishan Chakma Governance and Policy/Strategy Analysis, Project Development and Evaluation, Capacity Development, Peace/Confidence Building, Conflict Resolution, and Indigenous Peoples
07 Monower Mostafa Devising effective advocacy, Communication and Networking Techniques
08 Saber Ahmed Chowdhury Governance
09 Mobasser Monem Project Management
10 Pranab Kumar Panday Public policy and Governess

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