Electronic Security Service

The Guava Security Division  possesses both the knowledge and experience to provide Integrated Security Solutions that are tailor-made to our customer’s security requirements and which fit with their operational environments. The Guava Security supplies, installs and services a broad spectrum of Electronic Security Systems/Solutions in Barbados that include: Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Fire Detection, Intercoms and X-Ray Scanners. We are a designer and installer of burglar and fire alarm systems for high rise buildings, industrial facilities, residential, commercial and government properties along with special event applications. Our highly trained and qualified engineers can design any alarm system to meet our client’s needs or can review an existing system for flaws and make recommendations for correction keeping it affordable and practical.

As a full security systems provider, we offer a comprehensive range of electronic security services:

  • Fire/Alarm/Suppression Systems (Both non-addressable and intelligent)
  • Intruder Detection Systems (Burglar Alarm Systems)
  • Close Circuit Television (CCTV) systems with DVR’S or NVR’S applications
  • Access Control Systems with badging and biometric solutions
  • Outdoor Perimeter security solutions
  • X-Ray Scanners (Both Walk-through and Baggage)
  • Explosive and Drug-detection Equipment
  • Intercom System (Both Audio and Video)
  • Automated Gates (Swing, Slide and Barrier) and electronic locks with key pads
  • Electronic Asset Tracking Alarm Solutions (Digital mapping)
  • Communication Solutions (ID and Audio recording of phone calls)
  • Automatic Security Turnstiles and Optical Turnstiles
  • License plate Recognition Systems
  • Environmental Alarm Systems
  • Badge Supplies
  • Traffic Safety & Monitoring systems
  • Wireless solutions backhaul for long range or last mile solutions with data encryption
  • Computer systems specially built for applications
  • Home integrated security systems
  • Home land security and crime detection applications

All our electronic security systems are individually designed and/or selected to meet or exceed the industry standards. All equipment is UL rated or equivalent.

Our clients can be assured that all our products are supported by our well trained engineers and technicians who are on stand by to respond to any emergency situation 24/7. We maintain a wide range of service parts and our Service Department has been invested with the requisite tools and diagnostic equipment to provide off-site and on-site servicing of all our security systems and equipment, ensuring that repairs can be undertaken in the shortest possible time frame with minimum disruption of service.

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