Digital Education System

It is a dynamic system, which will completely digitize the traditional education system. There are many problems faced by traditional education system, i.e. all the activities in the organization are carried out manually, teachers have to maintain all the chapter contents to be taught in the class on paper, attendance records are maintained in register books, keeping a track of teaching progress is also a cumbersome task.

This system will prove to be beneficial not only for the organization, but also for teachers, students as well as parents. It will help in admission process of the students, scheduling of class lectures, managing library activities and lectures, managing teachers as well as student’s notes, fee submission process and all other activities. All the information will be available to the students, employees and parents inside as well as outside the school campus through web facility.

Students will be able to get all the contents taught in the class and view class history online from home. They will be able to attend extra-curricular classes and tutorial classes available in school itself through tutorial modules with very low cost. Apart from educational contents, they can also buy learning accessories, books, CDs, etc. from the school as well as online.

This system will make teaching very effective. The teaching contents will be easily manageable without carrying any paperwork. There will be no need for a teacher to remember all the teaching contents, the sequence of contents and time to teach the contents. Teacher just has to click and drag any multimedia contents, realtime 3d contents and interactive applications related to syllabus which can be shown in the class which will help the students to remember many concepts more than through the traditional way of teaching.

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