ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Management System

ERP or enterprise resource management system is not only an end to end process management system but also a central repository for documents, notes and communication for the whole company. Usually when the sales person communicates with a client, there are a lot of documents in terms of notes, invoices, proposals, etc., made. The problem with this kind of document management is that even if they are stored online, they are not accessible to anyone which might create a communication gap if the case is passed on from one team to another.

ERP software is an easy way to handle all kind of transactions along with saving record in a document form. In the commercial world lots of deals of product and goods take place in between two entities and most of the time there should require legal agreement that certify about deal. In any business, we need to identify various deals by the unique documents which can be referred to in the future. For this purpose, each document needs to be isolated with a distinguished numbering pattern also.

An ERP software is the tool that deal with Shipment, Inventory, Orders, Bank services, Taxes, Purchase. By acting as a central document management system, ERP makes the office a paperless office by reducing lots of paper work and providing a flexible and smooth access to information.

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