Fax Machine

Panasonic KX-FP701CX Plain Paper Fax Machine 2-Line Display


Panasonic KX-FP701CX fax machine supports plain paper printing and copy, 2-line LCD screen displays the name and number, fax modem 14.4 Kbps, telephone displays 30 calls, speed dialer, caller ID ready, 106 telephone number book. Also, this fax machine has 8/sec spp transmission speed. Country of origin is Malaysia.

Panasonic KX-FT987 Caller ID Function Thermal Fax Machine


Panasonic KX-FT987 thermal fax machine has caller ID function ready FSK/DTMF, corded handset available, dialing mode default tone, navigator key, clock, TEL / FAX mode available, paper handling A4/Ltr, modem speed 9.6 kbps, transmission speed 15 second, 64-level halftones available, polling function available, junk fax prohibitor available, friendly fax reception, one-touch dialing 1-10, phonebook stations 100.

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